Can't receive any Data packet from the device

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Jan 8, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Hi experts,

I'm writing a WiFi control panel on CE 6.0 with ar6k sdio device. When I tried to establish a IBSS ad hoc network using WPA2-PSK authentication, the connection can be succussfully established but there is no Data packet received from the device. (I mean the authentication is successful but no data can transfer on the connection, ping doesn't work.) I debugged into the ar6k driver, I found no Data packet was received even if I tried to send some data via the connection to it.

Does ar6k hardware encrypt/decrypt data on hardware? Does ar6k hardware return the received packet to its driver if the hardware can't decrypt a received packet using a previously saved key? I guess the key saved to the hardware can't decrypt the received packet so that the device doesn't notify the driver there is a data packet arrived. Please confirm. Thanks very much!