Wi-Fi driver architecture

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Jun 24, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Hi All,

I have an ARM processor in my Windows CE 6-based device for which I build
the operating system myself using Platform Builder 6. I also have a XYZ WiFi
chip from ABC Corporation on my board connected to the processor via SDIO directly.

 I have contacted ABC Corporation and found that they do not have a
Windows CE driver (any version)for this chip.So I have decided to use this driver as the

skeleton code

and do the changes accordingly.

 Since I'm an application programmer,I am not sure on the following

              1)how does the SDIO Wi-Fi chip and ARM processor communcation happen.Request

to share some tutorials or suitable links\explanation rgding this.

              2)What all hardware details I may have to chnage to implement my requirement.